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    Lifting AP requirement will ensure local supply is sufficient
    Published On: 19-May-2022 | by Mazwin Nik Anis

    There will be sufficient food supply in the country now that the Approved Permit (AP) requirement to import foodstuff has been lifted.

    The issue of food security was discussed in the Cabinet meeting yesterday and the Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry was ordered to come up with measures to ensure the supply would not be affected by the Russia-Ukraine war, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said.

    The Prime Minister said with the latest Cabinet decision, which takes immediate effect, anyone can now import food.

    “If previously an AP was needed to import beef, now it is not required. With immediate effect, anyone can bring any foodstuff to ensure we have enough supply,” he told reporters at the Prime Minister’s Department Hari Raya gathering.

    He said the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war on food supply was a cause of concern not just for Malaysia but for all countries.

    “This is why we have come to this decision,” he said.

    At the same time, Ismail Sabri said domestic food production would remain high with measures put in place by the ministry. The measures will be presented to the Cabinet soon.

    On threats by a cartel planning to close poultry farms this weekend over unpaid subsidies, Ismail Sabri said the ministry had been directed to expedite payment.

    “I have received a report that certain procedures have resulted in late payments and I want this to be looked into.

    “The ministry said it was still waiting for farmers to submit their claims. I call on farmers to put in their claims so payments can be made,” he said.

    According to a report, the cartel was planning to close poultry farms this Saturday and Sunday as a sign of protest to the government, allegedly for late payment of the 60sen per chicken subsidy.

    The closure threat would have drastically cut supply and led to a hike in chicken prices.

    At a separate event, Ismail urged the National Farmers’ Organisation (Nafas) and the Farmers Organisation Authority to implement changes and paradigm shifts to ensure country has adequate food supply.

    This included getting rid of middlemen who manipulated market prices, reported Bernama.

    Ismail said this in his speech at a dinner before launching Nafas’ 48th annual general meeting here.

    Source: The STAR Online
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