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    IPC Shopping Centre implements green strategies to create a more sustainable environment
    Published On: 25-May-2022

    IPC Shopping Centre has implemented several greening strategies as part of its ongoing commitment to creating a more sustainable environment.

    It ensures that its business is inclusive, climate positive, and promotes sustainable living in accordance with the Ikano Group's Sustainability Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

    IPC was the first shopping centre in Ikano Centres to be awarded the Malaysian Green Building Index and non-residential existing building ratings.

    According to Karyn Lim, general manager of IPC, it is one of the few shopping malls in Malaysia that actively promotes sustainability and runs various recycling programmes.

    She said that IPC has upgraded and expanded its business sustainability initiatives, which include water and energy conservation and recycling.

    To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, IPC has also invested in grid-source renewable energy technology and carbon mitigation projects.

    The photovoltaic (PV) system directs the electricity generated by solar panels to IPC's main power distribution board. The electricity generated offsets grid electricity and significantly reduces IPC's electricity bill.

    IPC has now optimised its rooftop by expanding the PV system with the addition of 810 solar panels, for a total of 2,370 solar panels.

    According to Lim, this expansion contributes to an estimated seven per cent annual energy savings by IPC.

    Rainwater harvesting is also practised at IPC. The harvested water is filtered and used in IPC's toilet flush and landscaping, including watering the iconic green wall.

    Source: New Straits Times Online (Learning Curve)
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