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Food, Drink and Tobacco

It is the policy of the Resource Centre to maintain an environment appropriate for the protection of library materials and conducive to study in all units of the resource centre.

Snack foods and covered beverages are allowed in many, but not all, areas. The Resource Centre prohibit the consumption of food while using computers or other technology (such as scanners, plotters, plasma screens, etc.) and in the book shelves. Resource Centre does not allow the consumption of food and/or beverages in the meeting rooms, training rooms or any other rooms other than designated areas. The Resource Centre reserves the right to ask any user to remove his/her food and/or beverage from the resource centre if in the judgment of the staff it constitutes a violation of this policy. In addition, failure to comply with posted restrictions or staff instructions regarding the consumption of food and beverages constitutes a violation of the Resource Centre Rules Code of Conduct.

The use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes is prohibited in all areas of the Resource Centre.

Last Revised: December 2016