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About PETRONAS Resource Centre

PETRONAS Resource Centre or PRC is PETRONAS Corporate Library that aims to promote and enable information and knowledge discovery, value creation and collaboration and talent development in PETRONAS Group Wide. Through our diverse resources and innovative services, we aim to enrich the lives of our users through efficient access to variety of business related information and information resources in many different media and formats. We are an innovative corporate destination and a site for research, learning and recreation, as well as a place where talents come together to network, exchange ideas and collaborate. We strive to be both a cornerstone of our PETRONAS community and a gateway to explorations of a the information world.

We are located at Level 4, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers, serving all PETRONAS staff Groupwide across the globe. We position ourself as a strategic information partner with the primary roles of providing reliable business intelligence information and efficient information research and reference services to PETRONAS.

PRC was first setup up in 1974, at the Prime Minister's Department in Jalan Dato' Onn, having gone through several transformations and relocations, transpiring from being the administrator of information resources in the early years to a Digital Library in the 90s at its many locations and now as an Innovative Resource Centre, at its current one being at PETRONAS Headquarter in the Twin Towers. 

Staff of PETRONAS Group Wide across the globe can have access to many information resources in PRC via our digital platforms. We offer variety of information resources which includes hardcopy books, e-Resources such as ebooks, e-Journals and e-Newspapers on oil & gas and energy industry, renewable energy, business intelligence online services and databases. We also have a full collection of core industrial standards, technical papers both internal and external and reference on other related subjects such as health & safety, leadership and management, human resource, recreation, and others.

Looking for suitable spaces for your meetings, events and programmes? Look no more. We also offer you with various types of spaces that suit your needs for events, meetings, discussions, be it online or physical or video shooting sessions. With a conducive space together with the latest ICT facilities and equipment, this will surely contribute as a positive experience to you as our PRC users.

We also offers avenue for you to let go, to de-stress and recharge with our offers of De-stress & Recharge facilities for you to enjoy. Feel the excitement and rejuvenate in between the working hours by enjoying our recreation facilities including board games, virtual reality, foosball and even PlayStation 4!

For those outside Klang Valley or Malaysia, don’t worry. Our services are available for you. Do reach out to our digital platforms namely our portal, MyPRECISE, or our myLibrary channel on myExplorer and also our News Digest platform for the latest updates and industry news

PRC - Your Information Partner